An advanced computational model that is unique in the world where we can make machines, technology “feel” and understand those who feel, the human being. They not only understand what people say but how they say it. It is the fusion of emotions and machines.

In a totally technified world, it is time to go a step further, to reclaim the humanities. Trends in the digital world are clearly moving in that direction. They are convinced that these will be the most important technological developments in the coming years.

We offer measurements that no one has reached before: emotions (up to 32), feelings, the state of mind, stress and anxiety, behavior, etc. We offer to understand the human being through artificial vision or natural language. A new era in technology: machines can be reprogrammed with new algorithms that allow the development of artificial empathy and the humanization of the technological world. A computational model that learns and improves every day that has the opportunity to be applied to endless solutions.

A model based on several deep learning layers with a strong training from a unique dataset that is already evolving to more refined models based on small data.

The purpose of Kopernica is to empower human beings and making their lives better, safer, more pleasant, better cared for, healthier and more efficient.