Assistance robots

Industrial robots with operator.

Virtual Home Assistants (Siri, Alexa… like)

Virtual assistants on machines with operator


Artificial Empathy: Improve the machine’s understanding of human emotions and their mental states.

Today the interaction of machines and humans is increasing. Machines will require not only the ability to understand commands or natural language, but also understanding the emotional and cognitive states of the humans with whom they interact. This will help them to perform more efficiently. The result, humanoids that are able to recognize emotions and adapt their behavior depending on the mood of whoever interacts with them.

Kopernica is currently used in robots for military and other purposes. It is ready to be installed and adapted in different kinds of robots, humanoids and virtual assistants to be able to improve understanding of:

  • People’s mood.
  • Emotions (up to 32).
  • Natural language and state of mind.
  • Detect mental states.
  • Detect physical states.
  • Anxiety.
  • Anger.
  • Fear.
    • To be applied in services for:

      • Elderly people (geriatric, hospitals…).
      • Health assistants for people with physical problems and diseases to help in their home treatment.
      • Home assistants.
      • Fun (in parties, shows, parks, etc).
      • Customer Service Assistants (see also Customer Service section).
      • Shopping assistant: able to understand interest and purchasing motivation from the consumer at the point of sale.