Security companies

Law Enforcement

Warriors and military staff

Performance and risk control: fatigue, alertness and anxiety


Risk and threat are key factors in the military and security professions. Kopernica helps decrease risk to forces by improving the processes for examining trust, detecting potential threats, identifying people and others for potential areas of compromise or deceitfulness. Artificial intelligence calculations can work on:

  • Identification of subjects.
  • Trends & Attitudes.
  • Aptitudes
  • Calculation of potential threats.

    How Kopernica works:

    • These data are enhanced with the information gathered from other scientific bases (neuropsychology, morphopsychology, synercology, etc.) related to attitudes indicating a threat, fear, risk, falsehood and all those impacted by those that pose a risk to the objective of protection and prevention.

    • In a massive way and with Artificial Intelligence, potentially criminal patterns of attitudes are beginning to be detected.

    • The results will give us calculation models that establish both the current attitude of the individual and predictive models that will visualize their future potential (eg: for recruitment or hiring processes).

    • The system can also detect people in real situations and provides a personal identification by cross-reference with any database.