Market research

…Quantitative Market Tests

Qualitative Market Interviews

Focus Groups

Concept Tests

Sensory – Organoleptic tests

Packaging Tests

Advertising and communication: Audiovisual, graphic, digital.


Customer experience research

Point of sale research.

Decision making indicators.

KPIs and ROI correlation calculations.

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Human Resources 2 (Performance, safety and wellbeing)

Working areas and environment

Control and analysis of workers activity.

Control of Risk

Operator simulation.

Performance and readiness at work.

Normal, extreme or special training conditions

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Show Business, entertainment and video content


TV programs

OTT (Over The Top, on line video services)

E-Sports show contents

V.O.D. (View on Demand)

Audiovisual Pilot Tests and trailers

Digital/on line video contents (for YouTube, Instagram, etc)

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Public polls


Political contents


Political Parties

Political marketing

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Education and scientific research

On line education

Classroom education

All kinds of academic institutions

Scientific research studies and publications

Neurology labs

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IoT: Internet of things

Home and business appliances.



Healthcare Computers/devices


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Intelligent transportation and safety

Driver/Operator control

Vehicle security

Vehicle interaction with driver

Drivers state of mind

Operating conditions

Traffic conditions

Anti-theft verification

Cars, Trucks, Boats, Aircrafts, etc

Personal Corporate Military Government Vehicles and devices

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Home, business, office, government and industry automation

Electronic Devices connected to the Internet.

Household appliances.

Offices and industries appliances

Alarms and security devices

Facility Security and Safety (Office and Manufacturing Locations) (see Industry Applications)

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Industry 2 (Quality control)

Processes of Quality Control

Raw materials

Productive processes

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Call Center / Support and Customer Service

Call-Customer centers with human assistant.

Call-Customer centers with chatbots.

Customer centers voice based (calls).

Customer centers text based (chats).

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Human Resources 1 (Hiring and talent)

Talent recruitment

Job interviews

Applicant tracking system


E-learning platforms

Internal communication


SPP: Successful Professional Profiles

Hiring employee rating App

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Gaming and E-Sports

Video Games (both on line and in device)

E-Sports games

E-Sports events and championships (see also Show Business)

New Gaming Devices

Casinos apps

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Robots and virtual home, office, and industry assistants

Assistance robots

Industrial robots with operator.

Virtual Home Assistants (Siri, Alexa… like)

Virtual assistants on machines with operator

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Live Events, Concerts and Sports shows




Sports Games



Metro Stations

Street corners

… among others

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Applications, software, digital platforms with any kind of devices (laptop, smartphones, tablets, servers,...).

Emotional mood from the user’s speech.

Up to 32 emotions through artificial vision.

Experience index.



Active machine listening.

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Defense and guard


Security companies

Law Enforcement

Warriors and military staff

Performance and risk control: fatigue, alertness and anxiety

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Betting spaces

Digital Gambling/Betting Platforms

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GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance

Corporate policies & procedures.

Risk measurement.

Measurement of uncertainty.

Controls and selection of managers.

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Industry 1 (Operations and Processes)

Supply Chain monitoring.


Plants monitoring.

Facility Security and Safety.

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Smart cities

Applications included but not limited to:

Equipment and public works.

A sustainable development.

Quality of life and active citizen participation.

Greater efficiency of available resources.

The energy supply.

Happy cities

CO2 emissions.

Planning of automobile traffic.

The provision of health and security services to all who reside in these huge and overcrowded population centers.

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Control, learning and perfection of sport techniques.

Athletes’ State of mind control.

Reading and interpretation of the states of mind of athletes.

Coach support tool for sport techniques, teamwork and tactics of the game.

 “Flow” state (high performance moment of an athlete) detection.

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