Revealing the human

Second to none

On line and non intrusive neuroscience

Artificial Vision, Natural Language and Eyetracking

Artificial Empahy

Technologies full of emotions

Kopernica Introduction

Kopernica is the most advanced A.I. to capture information from human beings in order to better understand all their emotional, behavioral and cognitive processes.



Achieving unique 3D face control that allows measurement with natural human movements and detection of more than 790 landmarks of the human body – 7 times more than other current solutions. and faceless control that preserves personal data if necessary.

Kopernica is  
the next generation of Artificial Intelligence.

Kopernica is a non intrusive system that interprets and understands human being’s gestures, emotions, attitudes, behaviors, attention, spoken and written speech. Kopernica then analyzes and anticipates future behaviors and actions.

The best performance with

the most advanced neural network

to detect human emotions and behaviors.

A deep learning based on 9 years of neuro researches for the creation the largest dataset. It is the body of Kopernica’s konowledge. A big AI’s training with 10 deep layers to bring the highest level of accuracy ever known.

The most advanced system existing to detect and understand the human being.

Just watching and listening Kopernica is potentially capable of detecting and measuring:



Decision making.

Mind States.




Deceiful speech.

Other human key indicators.

And also predict and recreate those states.

Kopernica has several kinds of detectors, up to 790 (more than any by far).

Landmarks of control of facial muscles, gestures, angle, opening / closing of eyes and mouth, eyebrow, etc.



benefit #1

Kopernica can provide useful information on human knowledge and understanding.

benefit #2

It can be used in different devices.

(only cam and/or mic is needed

Market research


Show Business



Smart CIties


Home automation


Driving safety

IOT (Internet of things)


Human Resources

Work Safety

Video calls

Massive Events

Industry Processes

Quality controls


Cyber security

benefit #3

Kopernica can be applied in different market solutions.

benefit #4


It can be integrated or adapted in any software with API-SDK

Also it can be a SaaS model.

benefit #5

Kopernica preserves intimacy and personal data.

Kopernica, if desired, does not record or identify individuals; thus respecting their privacy and personal data.
The Faceless System can capture and calculate without the need to identify, generating only numerical data not related to personal data.

kopernica scope

Is endless, It can be used to measure massively, individually or integrated in other platforms.


Interviews and meetings.

Job interviews.

Market research interviews.

Service robots

Virtual assistants (eg Siri, Alexa …)


Health (instant pre-diagnoses).

Job security.


Massive market tests.

Security and control of large places.

Control and analysis of events and audiences.

Identification of people and level of risk.


Through API / SDK integration it analyzes the interaction, behavior and emotions of users and audiences:



Platforms and systems of all kinds.

Social Networks.



What differentiates Kopernica from other emotional measurement systems?

The highest Accuracy

Vision: The unique dataset for training the neural network is based mainly on 560 neuro researches, up to 50,000 people in Neurologyca’s fieldwork neurolabs and billions of outputs from neurotechnologies: Electroencephalogram, Galvanic Skin Response, Eyetracking, Heart Rate, Facial Coding, Electromyography, Gestures, etc. A deep learning with up to 2,500 million of people´s frames synchronized with neurolab tools outputs .

Voice: A revolutionary system of detection and interpretation of natural language: unlike others, Kopernica emotionally measures word by word, syllable by syllable… instead of sentences, avoiding the current problems in this type of methodologies.


The largest dataset:

2,500 Million frames

syncrhonized with neurotechnologies’ outputs after 9 years of neuroresearch experience.


Emotional landmarks: Facial coding – Elkman & Plutchik scientific basic


from up to 80 scientific publications

Visual Emotional: Libraries and Universities

Typology and Personality models:


2 of eyetracking calculation models

Emotional behavior:

Gestures-attitudes – synercology

2 Natural Language models