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Operating conditions or the condition of the vehicle, the main cause of vehicle accidents or risk in handling are due to human reasons.

Kopernica offers a system that allows the driver’s condition to be measured before or during driving showing that risk on an indicator on the vehicle’s own dashboard. In addition, the risk calculation takes into account the conditions, type of driving, traffic and speed

Kopernica artificial intelligence processes these variables to provide a more accurate risk data.

Also, Kopernica can detect car’s owner and provide vehicle unlock and confirm ability to drive safely.

Kopernica detects and analyzes driver´s key mind states:

  • Drowsiness / Tiredness.
  • Cognition / Control.
  • Emotional state.
  • Anxiety.
  • Psychotropic.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • Distraction.
  • Reckless.
  • Noise.

    The road camera can also measure vision control:

    • Track elements of the road and synchronize with the driver’s gaze (vehicle’s cam):
    • Detection of the level of attention to the elements of the road (signs, lines, vehicles, pedestrians, etc).
    • Control elements of the vehicle (mirrors, dashboard, etc.).
    • Vision type detection (panoramic vs tunnel).

    Type of vision monitoring of operators: focus, alertness and control.