Home and business appliances.



Healthcare Computers/devices



Kopernica is being integrated into many devices connected to the Internet. Kopernica provides an opportunity for a more natural human-machine interaction. Kopernica can create AI-based calculation models that help interact with devices and users handling important data such as:

State of mind control when interacting,

Understand usage behaviors to anticipate services needs or responses

Smarter apps and solutions

Wearables and cars.

Small and energy efficient systems or devices, which are equipped with sensors, with the necessary hardware to perform measurements and readings to collect and organize data and information on the physical and mental state of users. Provides information on:

  • Physical state (heart rate, cholesterol, movements, fatigue…)
  • Mental and emotional state: anxiety, excitement, drowsiness, …

Health computers/devices

Using sensors connected to patients, Kopernica allows doctors to monitor their conditions, outside the hospital and in real time. By receiving metrics and automatic alerts on your vital signs:

  • Breathing.
  • Skin color.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Heart rate.
  • Temperature.
  • Cognitive states.
  • Drowsiness.


    The installation of Kopernica in the fleet units helps to establish an effective interconnection between the vehicles and their managers, and between the vehicles and their own drivers; both can know all kinds of details about:

    • The status, operation and needs of the unit, just by accessing the software in charge of collecting, processing and organizing the data.
    • Receive real-time alarms of maintenance incidents without being detected by the driver.
    • The fleet management application favors: Geolocation (and with it the monitoring of routes and the identification of the most efficient routes)
    • Performance analysis.
    • State of drivers/operators.
    • Telemetry control and fuel savings
    • Reducing polluting emissions to the environment
    • Valuable information to improve vehicle handling.