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The management of political strategies does not always bring the expected results. The electorate is a living and changing being sensitive to different stimuli, ideologies and political proposals. The successful results of a politician are strongly linked to the knowledge of the voters.

Kopernica is currently and successfully used in politics for analysis by political campaigns. The success of a strategy depends on properly choosing the leaders, their speech, style, content and communication strategies; as well as understanding the sensitivities of the voters. Kopernica is experienced in understanding and analyzing all of these variables. It works on all these fields:

Public polls and electorate.


  • Sensitivities
  • Preferences
  • Weaknesses
  • Likes and dislikes in voting intention
  • New voting segments / profiles of voters
  • On line public polls, Providing voting intention, veracity of responses, emotional reaction to politicians and their messages.

    Politicians and Political Parties

    The candidate is the linchpin in elections and also in day-to-day politics. Kopernica provides the most relevant information on the perception of the politician by the voters:

        • Messages
        • Speech Style
        • Reputation
        • Attributes (Implicit Association Tests)
        • “Casting of candidates”

    And in political parties for:

        • Political positions
        • Great messages
        • Political brand
        • Campaigns

    All by measuring:

        • Engagement
        • Emotional reactions to messages
        • Commitment
        • Excitement
        • Interest
        • Rejection


    Political contents.

    The content of messages and speeches can win or lose elections. Kopernica provides information on: Messages, Topics, Concept Tests, Speech and Contents by analyzing:

    Emotional impact

      • Interest
      • Rejection
      • Evaluation of extreme emotions
      • Neutrality
      • Motivation
      • Engagement
      • Excitement.
        • Political marketing

          Following the same previous indicators and others based on the experience of research for communication and advertising (see section market research) Kopernica can provide useful information in:

          • Strategic marketing
          • Messages
          • Communication
          • Media
          • Digital