Quantitative Market Tests

Qualitative Market Interviews

Focus Groups

Concept Tests

Sensory – Organoleptic tests

Packaging Tests

Advertising and communication: Audiovisual, graphic, digital.


Customer experience research

Point of sale research.

Decision making indicators.

KPIs and ROI correlation calculations


Decision-making on different market issues can be critical to brand success and acceptance of new proposals. Market research is necessary to avoid failure and waste of money. Kopernica can provide an extensive measurement & analysis to: anticipate and provide information from potential consumers and users for different brand market propositions on:

  • Attention (quantify where consumers look and heat maps of attention and gaze fixations).
  • 32 different emotions.
  • Interest.
  • Engagement.
  • Understanding.
  • Rejection.
  • Surprise.
  • Impact – excitement
  • Pleasure.
  • Experience.
  • Impulsivity.
  • Wish.
  • Learning curves.