Any large situations, included but not limited to:

Electronic Devices connected to the Internet.

Household appliances.

Offices and industries appliances

Alarms and security devices

Facility Security and Safety (Office and Manufacturing Locations)


Kopernica is being used in different devices and it is ready to be applied to today’s technologies for the intelligent control and automation of the home, offices, industries, government, etc, which allows efficient management of energy use, which provides safety and comfort, as well as communication between the user and the system.

Kopernica can detect, listen and interact with people at home. It can watch gestures and listening instructions to be applied to the control of the use of the devices or for automation functions:

  • Switch on/off devices, temperature, ambiance, etc. automatically according to the mood and states of residents.
  • Control of health states of residents through connection with caregivers and emergency responders.
  • Recognize an individual as a threat through identification of third parties or suspicious activity.