What makes Kopernica unique?


  • Multiface, it can detect and measure multiple subjects at the same time.
  • Full body gesture measurement with 490 detection points.
  • Machine vision model with three layers of computation.
  • Unique voice model based on sound measurement, spectrograms and syllable by syllable.
  • Differentiation and measurement of different voices in a single channel.
  • Detection of personality traits through gestures and morphopsychology.
  • Faceless, able to measure, avoid identifying and record faces if required.
  • Real Time, can capture and process data in real time.
  • Filter/Quality, a system that makes it process only pure data of the highest quality.
  • Mr Clue, a system for intelligent interpretation of analysis and results.
  • Imputation system that generates predictive behavioral models.
  • More than 40 emotional indicators and KPIs.

What are the fundamentals of Kopernica?

Kopernica has 3 data capture and calculation bases:

  • Vision.
  • Voice.
  • Personality traits.

1. Computer vision

Kopernica achieves an unique 3D face control that allows measurement with natural human movements and detection of more than 790 landmarks of the human body – 7 times more than other current solutions – and faceless control that preserves personal data if necessary. Kopernica has control of facial muscles, gestures, angle, opening / closing of eyes and mouth, eyebrow, joints, etc.

The computational model is trained with deep learning automatic labeling of more than 2.5 billion person frames correlated with the outputs of electroencephalogram, galvanic skin response, heart rate, pupillometry, facial coding, eye tracking and electromyography.

    2. Natural Language

    Unlike other existing models, Kopernica has a unique voice model based on the measurement of sounds together with the measurement of spectrograms with comptuter vision and the control of emotions, not of sentences but of syllable by syllable, which increases its level of accuracy.

    Example of spectogram with 5 basic emotions based on Kopernica calculation models

    3. Behavioral and personality traits

    Kopernica has a system for measuring the human face that has the ability to define attitudes and aptitudes of people, from different methods of interpretation of traits, trends and behaviors.

    It captures micro-gestures deepening in the definition of their tendencies, determining their personality and possible present and future behavior of the analyzed people.

      Example of calculation models for an asymmetric person