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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How secure is personal information? Are people's faces used and recorded?

    Kopernica uses information reflected in people’s faces to understand emotional and behavioral data, but the faces are not recorded, recorded or stored. That is, with the so-called “faceless” technique, which does not take any images, it only takes exclusively numerical data derived from micro-expressions that it correlates with possible emotional reactions. These numerical data are aggregated with many other data from different subjects, losing any kind of individual reference. It also does not handle any personal information of the people interacting with the Kopernica system. Therefore the security of personal data is completely safeguarded.

    Where is the collected data stored?

    There are several options. They can be recorded directly on the servers of the users who contract the service or they can be in a dedicated and totally secure space in the Kopernica cloud exclusively for use by the user himself, to which only he would have access. Security both in sending and storage is 100% guaranteed by an advanced encryption system guaranteed by Sentinel.

    Can Kopernica be integrated into other platforms?

    That is one of the purposes of Kopenica. It is a flexible tool that can be connected through navigational links configurable to the will and objective of the studio developer, or it can be systematically integrated into these platforms through APIs and SDKs.