Supply Chain monitoring.


Plants monitoring.

Facility Security and Safety.


Kopernica helps in predictive artificial intelligence models of processes and operations that include human interaction.

Process efficiency, energy consumption, etc. OPEX-CAPEX reduction, control of the optimal state of workers and both in efficiency and safety. It also can provide increased levels of overall plant security and safety from external threats.

Accurate information to have greater visibility and operational efficiency of your physical infrastructure and to make smart business decisions that generate added value to operations and allow them to:

  • Improve service delivery.
  • Optimize your infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs and improve your profitability.

Calculation of efficiency and processes considering:

  • Track deviations in the production chain. Production and supply production chain.
  • Measurement and monitoring of production lines and workflows.
  • Calculation of CO2 emissions by line and product (see also CO2 footprint).
  • Monitors the state of mind of operators and workers.

    Facility Security and Safety (Office and Manufacturing Sites)

    Through the use of AI to assess the state of individuals needing access to the manufacturing site and identifying any safety or security threats they may pose, Kopernica can significantly reduce the risk posed by an individual to the site beyond what is possible by even the best trained human security individual.

    Kopernica’s ability to assess the mental state, and … of someone coming to perform maintenance, make a delivery or receive a shipment, or any other type of visit allows the plant or office to make more informed decisions regarding admittance of individuals who may represent a risk to the facility or people within the facility.