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SPP: Successful Professional Profiles

Hiring employee rating App


The personnel selection process and preparation/on-boarding of new employees is critical to achieve greater production efficiency and savings in labor and production costs. It is essential to clearly define the type of skills and professionals for each position. Kopernica can learn and automate these processes. It can measure and also provide information from job candidates on selection tests and interviews with regards to candidate characteristics:

    • Motivation

    • Interest
    • Confusion
    • Compromise
    • Intensity
    • Rejection
    • Understanding
    • Truthfulness

    Skills such as:

    Resilience, Honesty, Negotiation, Teamwork, Self learning, Planning, Communication, Adaptation to change, Creative thinking, Decision capacity, Leadership style, Optimism, Mathematical logic.

    SPP: Successful Professional Profiles

    Automatic deep learning of professional and personal profiles and its replication of characteristics in talent selection.

    Hiring Employee Rating App.

    Market place that connects job candidate’s with employers. Candidates take extensive Kopernica tests where their skills and professional aptitudes are accurately measured, thus obtaining a certain rating so that it forms part of their bio as an added value.