Corporate policies & procedures.

Risk measurement.

Measurement of uncertainty.

Controls and selection of managers.


For good management and to avoid serious problems in the company it is important to have an effective system that allows risk control and governance.  The union between good corporate governance, comprehensive risk management with social responsibility and regulatory compliance are essential to achieve the objectives of the organization. Kopernica helps with deep learning and predictive models to analyze and anticipate, detect, monitor and help mitigate risks and opportunities for the company with relevant information.

Measurement of uncertainty and Risk.

Kopernica can analyze processes, behaviors, and decision making with deep learning models measuring and understanding uncertainty, news, lack of control and panic, and potential risk consequences: inherent and residual. It brings:

  • Influence maps of risk triggers.
  • Mitigation measures.
  • Risk communication systems.
  • Risk control systems.
  • Quantitative Risk indicators
  • Qualitative Risk indicators

VaR – Value at Risk.

With all the control and analysis systems, the VaR calculation is developed:

      • Invested amount.
      • Asset volatility.
      • Estimation times.
      • Confidence level.
      • Historical calculation.
      • Futures simulations.
      • Stress tests.
      • Back tests.


ERM, Enterprise Risk Management.

In the same line and under the international standards COSO and ISO 31000, Kopernica measures (cause-effect) strategic and operational aspects of reporting and compliance in the fields of:

  • Control environment (ethics, competence, independence and responsibility).
  • Risk identification system (internal-external).
  • Control and monitoring activities.
  • Information and communication (reports, dashboards, ..)


With all this, Kopernica AI calculation models can be applied in:

Credit analysis.

  • Financial analysis.
  • Agency rating.
  • Liquidity, profitability, solvency, debt and turnover ratios.