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Kopernica Education is a tool currently used by many universities. It is designed to enhance teaching and learning management. It uses the Kopernica measurement engine and through Artificial Intelligence it is capable of measuring emotional and cognitive factors related to education in students.

It can be used both on line and in classroom. Kopernica provides key educational indicators both in real time during the lectures and final reports.

The online version can be used in the different video call platforms or Kopernica’s own platform.

  • This integrated platform provides: Videoconferencing, World Class indicators and other functionalities for education: Lesson guide.
  • Educational content.
  • Notes and files.
  • Transcripts and questions.
  • Etc.
    • Kopernica utilizes the key educational indicators:

      • Comprehension and cognition.
      • Interest.
      • Attitudes.
      • Behaviors.
      • Preferences.
      • Emotional states.
      • Learning curves.
      • Comprehension.
      • Analysis of educational content and tests.