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Digital Gambling/Betting Platforms


Both to improve the gambling and betting business and to detect and protect gamblers from addictive behaviors, it is necessary to have control systems that allow the analysis of gambling and betting to understand the behavior of users to make appropriate decisions.

Kopernica has a very accurate and proven model calculation and can monitor and analyze behaviors and create predictive models to anticipate situations before they occur. It can provide information of:

  • Monitoring gambling anxiety and addiction.
  • Control of risk behaviors of gamers in gambling or betting.
  • AI predictive models of gambling situations.

Kopernica can detect and track risk behaviors and gestures in gambling, impulsiveness and addiction. It identifies:

  • Gamblers types
  • Gambler emotions:
  • Anxiety
  • Impulsiveness
  • Excitement
  • Emotional areas (hot gambling-betting areas)/ types of gambling
  • Behaviors and gestures in play:
  • Neutral – excitement – craving

    Kopernica creates a deep learning model where it takes into account different variables:

    • Player Profiles
    • Game types
    • Play Zones
    • Behavior in the app: routes and patterns
    • Play time / person
    • Schedules / calendar
    • Weather
    • Context: music, lights, app design, usability, etc.
    • Types of emotional states: anxiety, relaxation, low / high concentration (focus)…
    • Rewards / prizes

    And measures key issues such as:

    • Wish index
    • Truth index
    • Impulsivity index
    • Engagement
    • Pleasure index
    • Experience index
    • Anxiety