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Watch, listen, read, … Understand. The online consumer study tool whose objective is to exceed current standards in precision and truthfulness.




… with a robust artificial intelligence engine that detects, analyzes and understands how subjects interact. Unique remote neuromarketing technology for any online market study. It’s fast, simple, accurate and adaptable.


Subjects interact with any type of content on their screens: image, text, video, survey, web browsing, etc. and Kopernica, via webcam, detects their behaviors, their degrees of attention, interest or rejection, emotions, personalities, desire, … and a long etcetera.


No installations, non-intrusive and free of movement.

The person interacts with the contents, Kopernica measures their behavior and reaction.

Works with any camera device.


Emotions, attention, interest, desire, behaviors and personality.

Synchronized measurement with Eyectracking + Facial Coding + Pupilometria + Expressions + Psychomorphology + Active Listening +

Text Reading



The Kopernica engine is a deep learning system in a neural network programmed in artificial vision.

A continuous learning that gives scientific precision and truthfulness to the result.


The information you need is generated in a simple and ultra-fast way. Configurable so you have it just as you want and also in editable data formats.
Generates a report of KPIs and
charts to be adapted to any presentation style.

remote neuro/biomarketing

What sets Kopernica apart?


… created on a 4.8 million frames – and growing – of neuromarketing lab faces associated with emotional and behavioral data to configure the deep learning that the neural network uses to train and learn.

The most effective KPIs and METHODOLOGIES

… are contributed by NEUROLOGYCA. Which facilitates your knowledge, extensive experience, a dataset of information product of years of research and the most successful methodologies that make KOPERNICA the most advanced online diagnostic tool.


X 2 times higher. Kopernica achieves a degree of accuracy in eyetracking twice that of today’s online market. It also detects movement below 10 milliseconds.


There is no system with more measurement and validation tools covering a wide range of sensors. All this together with an artificial intelligence brain that processes and interprets them. It allows to collect attentional, emotional, active listening, pupil, flicker and psychomorphic data that provide more precision in the result.


Using advanced scientifically based algorithmy, it determines the personality profiles of subjects through morphological analysis, expression and behavior. It is essential to understand the emotional differences of the subjects.


It can be used by any device that owns a camera, whether with desktop PCs, laptops, mobile devices, smartphones or tablets, environment cameras, security cameras, etc.


It adapts easily to any data collection, surveying or scanning platform in any online environment.


Unlike the rest, it allows the user’s total freedom of movement, both head and distance to the device while the measurement is being performed.


With a single camera it is able to effectively measure more than 500 faces at the same time. It is ideal for crowded environments: events, online or live conferences, training, shows, etc.


After the test is complete, the system immediately decodes and calculates the obtained data. The information is generated in report format and also editable. Real-time data can even be obtained during the course of the test.


Do you have confidential content? This is your best system: it has the most advanced encryption. Each test is sent custom and individually to each panelist, you cannot share or forward it. Once the test is complete, any traces are destroyed automatically. There is no way to enter or copy the content by any external. No personal data is handled, nor are faces.

remote neuro/biomarketing

What data does it provide?

A brain that watches and listens.

Kopernica uses different observation and listening tools. It detects more than 140 points on the face – well above any known one – that are translated into emotional states, to which is added the active listening that is able to understand and interpret the discourse.

Robust and validated scientific base.

Numerous scientific publications serve as the basis for deep learning of more than 8 million faces by completing learning with the Neurologyca database with correlations with countless emotional data acquired over years from their laboratories.

What apps do you have?

Kopernica can analyze all kinds of survey content in text, image, video or interview format that cover most research needs in addition to, in general, any interaction with websites or applications (BACKSCAN). Here are some examples.



Accuracy and reliability above all.

Through a rigorous and demanding validation system that makes it differential, Kopernica has the most advanced and accurate method of calculation.

Thanks to this, it provides the measurement of more accurate and advanced eyetracking, emotional interpretation, personality and behavior data. A vast neural network to which the expertise of Neurologyca’s advanced methodologies is added is responsible through deep learning to improve and improve. Making Kopernica, with its adaptive technology, a system in continuous improvement.

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+ 8 million faces

analyzed from different libraries around the world with a variety of faces, expressions, gender, age and race that serve as the basis for neural network learning.

Neurologyca databases

which provide millions of data from more than 10,000 subjects tested with 240,000 frames of rotary trees to calculate eye movement patterns and correlations with other emotional measurement technologies in their laboratories. This is joined by advanced data processing and KPIs calculation systems.

Facial Coding and Personalities

with more accurate and truthful data of emotions, personalities, attitudes and behaviors. They provide us with the most accurate emotional data and type of subjects by personality type, race, sex, age.

+ of 30 scientific publications

they serve as the basis for deep learning about facial emotions, eyetracking, psychomorphology, complex expressions and behavior.

Artificial Intelligence

that provides constant pattern learning and repetitiveness that reduces the margin of error and validates results.

Eyetracking and speed

with the most accurate and fastest measurement in the online world. High sensitivity of measurement of eye movement and changes (milliseconds). Especially useful for measuring interest and implicit associations (TAI).

KAL © Kopernica Active Listening

Based on proven scientific studies is an advanced artificial intelligence system that analyzes and interprets elements of speech such as tone, timbre, volume, speed, intonation, modulation, patterns, etc. and also elements of speech such as speech recognition.



What is the security of personal information? Are people's faces used and engraved?

Kopernica uses information reflected in people’s faces to understand emotional and behavioral data but faces are not recorded, recorded, or stored. That is, with the technique called “faceless”that doesn’t take any picture, just it takes only numerical data derived from microexpressions that correlates with possible emotional reactions. Such numerical data are aggregated to many other different subjects, missing any type of individual reference. It also does not handle any personal information of the people who interact with the Kopernica system. Therefore the security of personal data is completely safeguarded.

Is it necessary to help or any kind of support to conduct a market study with Kopernica?

After easy training through a tutorial, any user can handle the tool and get results. So they can be fully autonomous without requiring any kind of intervention or help. This promotes freedom of use and confidentiality and ensures that the information does not come out of the user’s hands.

How do I connect a panelist to the Kopernica tool?

Easily via a link that is sent to the panelist, which will automatically open the study. You don’t need to do anything special. That link will be integrated and programmed if needed to continue other surveys so as not to lose the thread or the panelist in the process.

Where is the data collected from market research stored?

There are several options. They can be recorded directly on the servers of the users themselves who contract the service or they can be in a dedicated and totally secure space in the Kopernica cloud exclusively to be used by the user himself that only he would have access to. Security in both shipping and storage is 100% guaranteed by an advanced encryption system and endorsed by Sentinel.

How long does it take to get a results report once the study is done?

Results are obtained almost immediately as processes are automated. Not only that if you will not be able to obtain partial information in real time during the development of the test, without waiting to finish it.

Should the panelist who performs a Kopernica test have devices with specific characteristics?

Kopernica is designed with adaptive technology that makes it compatible with most devices and operating systems. The more current the data quality you get. In some cases – few – with some outdated technology it is possible to do not work.

Can Kopernica be integrated into other online survey platforms?

That’s one of Kopenica’s purposes. It is a flexible tool that can be connected by means of configurable navigation links to the will and purpose of the studio developer. or it can be systematically integrated into those platforms using APIs and SDKs.

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