Call-Customer centers with human assistant.

Call-Customer centers with chatbots.

Customer centers voice based (calls).

Customer centers text based (chats).


Providing good service to customers and understanding their needs while properly managing their emotional states is a necessity and a competitive advantage for large companies. Especially in times when such services are usually automated and dehumanized.

Kopernica can support a more advanced system to help and manage CS by understanding moods and worries of customers.  It can process customer’s inputs and manage them:

  • Waiting list management.
  • Management of emotions for complaints.
  • Programmed responses and stimuli.
  • Notices and recommendations to the telephone operator.

It can provide:

  • Emotional monitoring of the client.
  • Limit levels of patience.
  • Negative / Neutral Emotional Levels
  • Anxiety.
  • Excitement and impulsivity (threshold for potential sales).
  • Creation of tailored models per client according to their emotional state: music on hold, telephone operator instructions and guides, redefining waiting lists according to mood variables.